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WS6 : Exploring the topology and geometry of patterns for architectured structures using the COMPAS framework

Instructors: Robin Oval, Tom Van Mele

In this workshop, the participants will learn how to design the topology and geometry of patterns, applied to architectured structures, using the Python-based computational framework COMPAS, for computational research and collaboration in architecture,
engineering, fabrication and construction ( ​ ).

The participants will first become more familiar with the rich framework of COMPAS, before diving more specifically into data structures, which are necessary to design patterns.

Then, the participants will discover both well-established and novel approaches to explore the topology of patterns.

Finally, the participants will use different geometrical approaches such as mesh relaxation, form finding or shape optimisation to transform these patterns into structures. This flexible approach to the design of topology and geometry of patterns will allow the
participants to combine what they will learn with their personal research in architectural geometry. The difference with the COMPAS workshop from the 2018 conference is the focus on topological design, based on recent research work


- Laptop with Rhino

- Basic skills in Python (teaching Pyhton is not part of the workshop!)

The instructors


Tom Van Mele

ETH Zürich


Robin Oval

University of Cambridge

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