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Online Map

AAG2020 is a fully online event, the organising committee has chosen to promote scientific discussion and interactivity. For that reason, the organising committee has chosen Workadventure, a solution developed by The Coding Machine. The solution is similar in spirit to Multi-Player Games and allows for a playful interaction between participants.

How does it work?

The AAG2020 conference takes place on a virtual map representing famous architectural landmarks of Paris. The participants have an avatar and can navigate this map and interact with other participants or attend lectures if they go in special rooms. All participants receive their login info by e-mail.

Navigate through the map

  • To move your avatar on the map, use the arrows of your keyboard

  • To move fast, use arrows + shift

  • To zoom in/out use ctrl+scroll or ctrl +/ctrl -

Choose your avatar!

  • Chose a name (7 characters) that will help other recognize you (John Doe -> JDOE or JODOE or JohnD)

  • Customise your avatar (using arrows of your keyboards)

  • If you are speakers or members of the organising committee or a workshop organiser, a specific hat will be proposed to you so that people can identify you.

  • Press enter and go to the central paris map, you will arrive next to AAG2020 desk, close to the Louvre.

AAG Interactive Map

​Interact with others

  • If you pass in the neighbourhood of another participant, a white circle will appear for possible interaction.

  • If you stay in that circle, a jitsi window will appear and you will be able to speak with the other participant.

  • To leave the discussion, just go away.

  • For more formal discussions (with a larger group or with more ellaborate exchange for showing videos or documents for example), go to informal discussion rooms all around the map. They are all equiped with jitsi.

  • To enter an informal discussion room and take part to a tempting discussion, just go through the door and take part to the jitsi going on.

  • To ease discussion among young researchers, a student corner has been set on the left of the map, close to the Eiffel Tower.


Rooms for plenary lectures (Keynotes, Paper 1, Paper 2)

  • To enter a room, just walk down the stairs in front of the building.

  • To watch the discussion, just seat on a chair in the middle of the room, a jitsi window will appear.

  • To ask for the floor, use the chat box, the moderator will take your demand into account

  • If your question is accepted, just go to the platform next to the speaker and moderator, you will enter the youtube live. Once your are done, just leave the platform.

  • To exit the room, just go through the various exits to access the part of the map that you like.

Pavilion Map

  • Go through the pavilion map and visit the pavilions

  • At the entrance of pavilion, a panel indicates the webpage presenting the pavilion

  • Getting closer to the pavilion, a jitsi window will open so that you can discuss construction with pavilion designers during the breaks.

  • An additional jitsi room has been added in the middle of the map for informal discussion animated by the chairs of the scientific committee.

Workshop Map

  • During workshops, the workshop map will be used for social interaction between participants.

  • At the entrance of each room, a panel will recall the MSTeams link where practical work will be done with participants

  • After the workshop, these panels will be used by workshop leaders to set links towards webpage showing the results of the workshops

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