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Stacy Eisenberg

Stacy Eisenberg began her professional career in Los Angeles from 1988 to 1992, working for the offices of Dworsky and Associates, Michael Folonis and Associates and Victoria Casasco Studio. From 1992, she moved to Paris and worked on the Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art and the J.M. Tjibaou Cultural Center for Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and in 1993 joined the Jean Nouvel team, then associated with Emmanuel Cattani on the Galeries Lafayette project in Berlin. Stacy was appointed Project Architect/ Project Manager in 1996.

Stacy has led many of the large-scale international projects at AJN and is specialized in the research and development of the AJN facades packages.

Tristan Israel


Tristan joined ATELIERS JEAN NOUVEL in Paris in 2013 to work on and develop the 53W53 high rise residential tower in NYC. Since then, he has participated on a large range of international projects in France, the USA, Brazil and China while developing valuable and significant skills and knowledge on all aspects of project development from conception to completion. In 2016, Tristan went to Sydney , Australia to work for GRIMSHAW Architects, specifically on a metro station and two commercial towers, allowing him to further develop experience in transportation hub conception.


Tristan has assume the position of Project Architect since 2017 at AJN working on the construction of a mixed-use office and a hotel tower in Paris, DUO. Currently, he is collaborating on a mixed residential/commercial real estate development in Zhoushan, China. In parallel to his degree in Architecture, Tristan has oriented his professional skills towards Computational Design for the conception and the fabrication of challenging geometries. From this experience, he has explored with great intent and curiosity the interaction between generative design, material and construction technique, which have greatly influenced his design at every level. Besides his professional activities, his personal work has been exhibited, published and awarded. He also lectures regularly at different universities and conferences nationally and internationally.

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