WS3 : ReCycled
Sustainable strategies for robotic fabrication of segmented shells

Instructors: Maria Aceytuno Poch, Elena Shilova

As the paradigm of the current construction industry is experiencing a large shift towards more integrated and sustainable processes, robotic fabrication is also becoming the answer to fabricating geometrically complex designs, such as segmented freeform shell structures.
Nowadays, robotic fabrication is increasingly used by architectural practices for geometrical mockups of their designs, large-scale installations, temporary structures and state-of the art pavilions. However, the material used for production of those is often unsustainable, and production results in large amounts of waste. As a result, the workshop aims to present an alternative: the usage of recycled materials and resource-saving cutting strategies to utilize the full potential of the data-driven robotic fabrication workflow. Given the organisers’ previous experience, a segmented shell structure will be proposed as the design exercise.
The workshop is aimed at participants of various backgrounds; a great opportunity for engineers, architects and designers who are interested in robotic fabrication to have a hands-on start on programming and prototyping production. Furthermore, pre-packaged user-friendly scripts and guidance will be provided to allow the least experienced ones to follow up the programme.

General participant’s knowledge requirements:
Basic knowledge of Rhino +Grasshopper (recommended)
Experience in robotic fabrication is not required, but will be an advantage.

The instructors

Maria Aceytuno Poch

Elena Shilova

Workshops: April 26 & 27 , 2021

Conference: April 28 & 29 , 2021

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