Discrete Design in VR
Instructors: Jan Philipp Drude, Andrea Rossi

The workshop aims at exploring collaborative design scenarios for generating modular assemblies through Virtual Reality (VR). This will be achieved through Project DisCo, a multi-player application for sculpting modular aggregations in VR, and Wasp, a discrete design plug-in for Grasshopper, both developed by the workshop leaders.

The overall goal of the workshop is to openly discuss the possibilities of collaborative design scenarios in architecture, as well as practically play them out within a VR design ecosystem. Rather than focusing exclusively on the design of discrete systems, the workshop will concentrate on the process of collaboratively assembling structures through the participation of different actors with different abilities and goals. Instead of discussing design issues in closed disciplinary domains, collaborative VR co-design will encourage more direct exchange of ideas and expertise.

Participants will form design teams, where each member will be able to assume different roles in the design process. Participants will be able to configure a design space, constraining the abilities of each player to affect the assembly process, as well as defining specific viewpoints and perspectives available to each player. After defining such scenarios, participants will be allowed to play out said scenarios in Project DisCo, testing the impact of different constraints on the design result of a collaborative process.
The workshop is aimed at designers and researchers with an interest in collaborative design methods, VR environments, games and discrete design. We will discuss the potentials of immersive design approaches for practice as well as enable participants to partake in such a scenario. Participants will need a basic understanding of Grasshopper and Rhino. No previous knowledge of
VR systems is required.


The instructors

Jan Pilipp Drude

University of Hannover

Andrea Rossi

University of Kassel

Workshops: April 26 & 27 , 2021

Conference: April 28 & 29 , 2021

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